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To a young coach, this book will be a sturdy platform to begin your new career. The seasoned coach will find subtle reminders, fresh perspectives and reassurance that you’re not alone.

Unlike your predecessors, it’s now possible to retire from a long and successful career as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer or group fitness instructor. These professions have earned the respect of other fields and are now collectively considered a legitimate career path. Being a trainer or coach is no longer viewed as just a hobby.

With all of the available training information, you’d think there’d be more about the how-tos of coaching. There are countless books on theory, access to thousands of research papers and you can attend a continuing education event every weekend, but who’s teaching you how to be a coach? 

Coaching Rules covers the six biggest obstacles you’ll face when pursuing success in the strength and fitness profession: complacency, egotism, poor communication, lack of connection, over complication and client attrition.