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Attempts is a collection of Dan John’s newest essays on Easy Strength, health, and related issues.

In this collection of essays, Dan John expands on some of his famous one-liners:

How many rabbits are you chasing?
Enough is enough; more is just more.
Fit for what? must be part of your language.
The greatest secret I know in every field of life is always obvious.
Think through the wonders and pleasures of achieving your goal.
Last throw, best throw!
No fuzzy maxes in the weight room.
Correct your weaknesses, but compete with your strengths.
Most of success is just showing up.
Peaking is often simply staying on the path.

...and many more...

You’ve heard them before, but have you internalized them?

Let Dan help you dig a little deeper into how life’s truths show up in the weightroom and on the field of play.

What you learn in this selection will get you thinking more broadly into how it all fits together—fitness, health, longevity and Easy Strength.