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Dry Needling / IMS NAT Foundation Course

Disclaimer and Warning Notice

The techniques demonstrated in this course may only ever be performed by a suitably qualified healthcare professional.

Taking this course does not grant you any form of license to practice manual therapy.

Do not practice any form of manual therapy unless it falls within your professional scope of practice.

Depending on where you practice, you may be required by law to meet certain criteria for practicing manual therapy, even if you are a qualified medical or healthcare practitioner.

If you are not sure about the laws and regulations governing the practice of manual therapy in your area, you must make the necessary enquiries to ensure that you meet any and all requirements that may be in place.

If you are unsure, please contact your professional organization, licensing board, or governing body, or seek professional advice.

Any form of needling can be dangerous. Needling must only ever be performed by a medical or healthcare professional who is qualified in needling techniques.

Taking this course does not grant you any form of license to practice needling. Do not practice any form of needling unless it falls within your professional scope of practice.

Course Outline

I. What are Trigger Points?

II. Locating Trigger Points

III. What is Dry Needling?

IV. Contraindications

V. Health and Safety

VI. Dry Needling Sequence

VI. Head and Neck Introduction

VII. Dry Needling Individual Muscles

Learning Objectives

1. Introduction to Trigger Points:
- Understand the concept and physiology of trigger points and their role in musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

2. Identification Proficiency:
- Develop skills in locating and identifying trigger points in various muscle groups.

3. Mastery in Myofascial Release:
- Grasp the principles and techniques of myofascial release as it relates to dry needling.

4. Evidence-Based Knowledge:
- Familiarize yourself with current research, evidence, and rationale behind dry needling for trigger points.

5. Client Interaction Skills:
- Acquire proficiency in taking a comprehensive case history to inform your dry needling approach and ensure holistic patient care.

6. Differential Diagnosis Abilities:
- Learn to distinguish between various musculoskeletal conditions and understand when dry needling is appropriate.

7. Contraindications Awareness:
- Recognize situations where dry needling is not advisable due to potential risks.

8. Safety Proficiency:
- Understand and adhere to best practices for ensuring patient safety during dry needling, including sanitation, needle handling, and post-procedure care.

9. Technique Development:
- Master foundational needling techniques essential for effective trigger point therapy.

10. Practical Application Skills:
- Engage with step-by-step video tutorials to gain hands-on expertise in dry needling for all major muscle groups.

11. Comprehensive Knowledge Base:
- Equip yourself with a robust foundational understanding of trigger point therapy dry needling to better inform your clinical practice.

Upon completion of this course, participants should possess a solid grounding in dry needling for trigger point therapy and will be better prepared for live instruction. This course is intended to complement hands-on training and is strongly recommended before or alongside practical workshops or sessions.


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How to Complete This Course

1.  View the video tutorials in the video player above in the order they are listed (where applicable).

2.  Study the course workbook in your own time, in tandem with the video classes, or as directed. 

3.  Review all of the course material several times to ensure understanding.  You will be examined on all course material.

4.  Complete the course exam. 

5.  On passing the course exam you will receive an email with your certificate which you may download and print. 

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