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A Holistic View of the Pelvic Floor - NAT Diploma Course (6 hrs)

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A Holistic View of the Pelvic Floor

Unlock the secrets of the pelvic floor and revolutionize your approach to women's health with this comprehensive online course, presented by renowned physiotherapist and women's health activist, Sonja Forster.

Course Overview

"A Holistic View of the Pelvic Floor" is a meticulously designed program that provides healthcare and fitness professionals with an in-depth understanding of the pelvic floor, specifically tailored to women's health. With over 4 hours of expert video classes and a 220-page fully illustrated workbook, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to make a tangible difference in the lives of women.

What's Included

  1. The Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint Workbook: Dive into this 220-page, fully illustrated workbook that provides an extensive exploration of the functional anatomy of the pelvic floor. Gain a clear understanding of the intricate structures, muscles, and functions of the pelvis and sacroiliac joint. This valuable resource is designed to be your ultimate reference guide as you progress through the course and beyond.

  2. Over 4 Hours of Engaging Video Classes: Follow along as Sonja Forster shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for women's health through a series of engaging and informative video classes. Learn about the anatomy, biomechanics, and various dysfunctions of the pelvic floor, as well as practical strategies to identify and address these issues. Gain the confidence and expertise needed to positively impact your clients' lives.

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive coverage of pelvic floor anatomy and function, with a focus on women's health
  • Expert guidance from Sonja Forster, a respected physiotherapist and women's health activist
  • Practical strategies for identifying and addressing pelvic floor dysfunctions
  • Essential resource for healthcare and fitness professionals seeking to enhance their skills and broaden their practice

Elevate your practice and transform the lives of women with "A Holistic View of the Pelvic Floor." Join a community of professionals who are dedicated to the well-being of their clients and committed to making a difference in women's health. Enroll today and take the first step toward a deeper understanding of the pelvic floor and its impact on women's lives.

Course Texts

Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and the Sacroiliac Joint - Full colour illustrations; Easy "Quick Reference" format

Video Classes

4 hrs of 4k video classes presented by Sonja Forster PT

Online Exams  and Certification
Online Exam comprising multiple choice questions

See table below for other CEU accreditations

Exam does not need to be completed in any one sitting. You may save your answers as you go along and return to continue at any time - internet connection required


Massage and Manual Therapists, Physical Therapists, PTA's, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, OTA's, Athletic Trainers, Exercise and Fitness Professionals  

CEU Accreditations

Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) 6 CEU's
Massage Therapists (MMA - formerly AAMT) 10 CPE
Canadian Massage Therapists (CMMOTA formerly RMTA) - Alberta 3 CEC's
NAT Credits 30
Alabama Board of Physical Therapy (Any coursework relevant to the practice of physical therapy will be honoured) 6 CE Hours
Alabama State Board of Occupational Therapy (OT/OTA) - CE Broker (“Patient Related”) 6 CEs
Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners (OT/OTA) - CE Broker (“Related to the Clinical Practice of Occupational Therapy”) 6 CEs
Florida Board of Massage Therapy (LMT) - CE Broker (“General”) 6 CEs
Georgia Board of Massage Therapy (LMT) - CE Broker (“General”) 6 CEs
Georgia Board of Nursing (LPN/RPN) - CE Broker (“General”) 6 CEs
Georgia State Board of Occupational Therapy (OT/OTA) - CE Broker (“General Continuing Education”) 6 CEs
Tennessee Board of Massage Licensure (LMT) - CE Broker (“CE relevant to the practice of Massage Therapy”) 6 CEs
Physical Therapy Board of California 10.5 Hrs / 1.05 CEUs
CE Hours 6