Soft Tissue Therapy for Nerve Entrapments

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Evidence-based health benefits of CBD. Current and future developments. Foundation Course. 

Niel Asher Education offer a CBD Foundation Diploma course (online). This course provides a comprehensive (A-Z) overview of CBD.

The course text combines evidence-based insights from more than 1,000 studies from cannabinoid and consciousness research to present the case for the powerful healing effects of CBD on over 100 chronic symptoms and diseases.

The course text is organised into condition-specific chapters, with ratings of CBD efficacy for each symptom.


CBD Education

"It's so important that as many healthcare workers as possible have a firm knowledge-base of CBD ... that's how this thing moves forward." 


This course may be especially useful to those seeking employment in the burgeoning medical CBD industries, and to healthcare workers seeking to acquire a firm knowledge-base on the subject.

The course also includes video classes that may be viewed online anytime or downloaded. 

Diploma certificate is issued upon successful completion of online exam (included). A 70% pass is required. 

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CBD Foundation Diploma Course

CBD Diploma Course







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