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Mike McGurn Presents Tips for Beginners Looking to the Snatch. Extract from the online course Power Lifting for Strength and Speed


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About NAT Instructor Mike McGurn

Mike is widely considered to be one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the business and has the honor of training three National Senior Irish Teams, winning two World Titles in two different sports. 

Mike has overseen the physical conditioning of these National teams at 3 World Cup Tournaments and 8 Six Nations Rugby Tournaments.

Early Years

Involved in athletics since the age of 15, Mike competed for Ulster and Ireland in cross country and athletics events prior to being awarded an athletic sports scholarship by Temple University (Pennsylvania) where he majored in Sports Science. 


After graduation, and whilst lecturing in the UK, Mike was appointed fitness coach for Workington Rugby League club where he quickly made a name for his no-nonsense, hard working attitude.

Mike moved from Workington to St Helens where he played his part in the treble winning season (2001/2) – Challenge Cup, Super League and World Club Champions.

In 2002 Mike was invited by Eddie O'Sullivan to join the Irish National Rugby Union teams head of Strength and Conditioning. 

Over the next 8 years, Mike was involved in 84 International test games with Ireland, whilst he was credited with totally revolutionizing the training structures and systems of the squad -  laying out the groundwork for what has become the most successful Irish Rugby Team ever.

Boxing World Title

In 2008 Mike started working with boxer Bernard Dunne, helping the native Dubliner to become Super Bantam-Weight Champion of the World.

Irish Rules

In November 2008 and 2011 Mike was associated with yet more outstanding sports success, this time with the Irish Compromise Rules team when they won the series beating Australia in both tests.

English Premier League

Mike has also worked with and consulted to a number of major soccer teams including Hull City (EPL) where he spent 3 years as performance coach, Everton FC (EPL) and Leeds United.


Mike is a regular guest speaker at conferences on Strength and Conditioning in Australia, Poland, UK and the US., including presenting at the UEFA Soccer European Pro-License Conference.


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