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Fusion Massage for Tension Headache - NAT Certification Course (2 hrs)



Fusion Massage for Tension Headaches

Dive into the powerful healing world of fusion massage with our comprehensive online course, "Fusion Massage for Tension Headaches", presented by the renowned expert, Maureen Abson.

Tension headaches, often stemming from stress, poor posture, or eyestrain, are a common affliction that can severely impact quality of life. This course provides you with the therapeutic tools to tackle this issue head-on (quite literally!).

Maureen Abson, with her rich experience and distinct empathetic approach to healing, takes you on an in-depth exploration of fusion massage techniques specially designed to alleviate tension headaches. The course material covers the origin and manifestation of tension headaches, and most importantly, how you can use fusion massage—a blend of eastern and western techniques—to manage and relieve these headaches.

Through detailed video demonstrations, Maureen guides you through each technique step by step, ensuring you grasp the subtleties of pressure, rhythm, and direction. You'll learn not just the 'how', but the 'why', deepening your understanding of the healing process.

The course is suited for massage therapists looking to extend their repertoire and healthcare professionals wanting to provide non-pharmacological relief options.

About the Course Presenter: Maureen Abson

Maureen Abson has more than twenty-five years teaching experience and is the author of the book "Healing Massage". In the course of her practice, she developed her own style combining fascial release, gentle focused pressure, and deep tissue massage with a structured focus on treating hands, feet, and head to be able to release tension in the rest of the body.

What's Included?

  • Fully illustrated course workbook
  • Online video classes presented by Maureen Abson
  • Online exam and certification
  • Lifetime access 


Rehabilitation Professionals, Manual Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Trigger Point Therapists, Body Workers, Athletic Trainers, Exercise and Fitness Professionals.

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