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John Gibbons - Sports Osteopath and Lecturer


Leg length discrepancies are typically classified either "structural" or "functional"

Leg length discrepancies are typically classified as structural or functional.  A structural discrepancy is a hereditary situation whereby one leg is simply longer than the other.  This is determined if the client’s pelvis and sacroiliac joints are symmetrical and the leg lengths are different.



A functional leg length discrepancy is often diagnosed when there is some form of sacroiliac joint dysfunction, which causes one leg to function as though it is longer or shorter than the other. In the video above, sports osteopath John Gibbons demonstrates and explains a common technique for assessing leg length discrepancy.

John Gibbons (video above) is a qualified and registered osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council, specializing in the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of sport-related injuries. Having lectured in the field of sports medicine and physical therapy for over 12 years, John delivers advanced therapy training to qualified professionals within a variety of sports. He has also published numerous articles on various aspects of manual therapy. 

Do not attempt to perform this technique unless it falls within your scope of practice.


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