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Supraspinatus rotator cuff impingement


Supraspinatus - much too important to be taken for granted!

The Supraspinatus is a small but extremely important shoulder muscle. Together with the Subscapularis, Infraspinatus and Teres Minor muscles, the Supraspinatus muscle is part of the Rotator Cuff muscle group.

The Supraspinatus begins at the top of the shoulder blade, at a point known as the Supraspinous Fossa.

The muscle then moves along the shoulder blade, through the shoulder joint and ends at the top part of the upper arm bone, at the point known as the greater tubercle of humerus (Humerus being the bone of the upper arm).

The Supraspinatus muscle works almost non stop in helping to stabilise the shoulder joint. It also helps with the movement of raising the arm outward through the shoulder joint, known as abduction.

This is only to a certain point however, after which the Deltoids take over with the abduction movement and the Supraspinatus muscle steps back to assist. 

The Supraspinatus muscle is highly used in sports such as golf, baseball and racket sports, and is commonly associated with trigger points and various forms of rotator cuff injury.

Supraspinatus Muscle Rotator Cuff Injuries

So ... try to remember this poor hard working muscle tucked away unnoticed in your most complex joint and doing incredible work on your behalf, even when you're not playing golf, baseball or racket sports. 

If you are using those shoulders actively, you may well be overlooking the health of Supraspinatus and if so, should give the muscle a thought every time you swing. Don't take Supraspinatus for granted. She might be quiet now and uncomplaining, but she'll let you know when she's had enough!



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