Changing the Course of Autism


TWENTY YEARS AGO, autism was a rare disease—today, most Americans know a family with an autistic child. Autism is now epidemic,currently affecting half a million American children, or 1 in 150. This makes it the most common developmental disability—more common than Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation combined.

Autism is growing at a startling rate of 10-17 percent per year, which means that the disease could reach several million Americans in the next decade.

Changing the Course of Autism has the potential to revolutionize the way this disease is perceived and managed by showing that autism can be treated as a medical disease, rather than a behavioral disorder. In this groundbreaking book, the authors explain that reducing neurological inflammation improves autistic behaviors dramatically, making a profound impact on the health and future of affected children and their families.

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