Energy Now! is your inspirational guidebook to energy, health, and a recharged life. Whether you’re a busy executive or a busy mom, if you’re tired, retired, or uninspired you will benefit from the information provided by dynamic health and fitness professional Michelle Cederberg. This change-provoking book provides bite-sized advice to help you prioritize essential energy creating self-care practices you didn’t think you had time for.

Learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle, stress management, and time for leisure, and how to find success through small steps. Come to understand that healthy change and an energized life is possible even with your busy schedule. Recognize what has been getting in the way of your progress. Learn to prioritize three essential physical health behaviors every day. Be reminded of energizing mind, body, and spirit practices you can’t live without. Discover countless energy-producing tips you can integrate into every day. Begin on your path to increased personal energy, day-to-day productivity, and overall life fulfillment. You’ll get the best advice available in a light, fun, direct, and supportive manner from a well educated, highly experienced, practicing life coach and motivation expert.

Michelle Cederberg has a masters in kinesiology with a specialization in exercise and health psychology, plus a BA in psychology. She has been working in the trenches in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years as an educator, personal trainer, and speaker. She has hands-on, applied knowledge of the energy and health challenges facing her readers.