Injury Free Running - NAT Certification Course

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How to Complete This Course

1.  View the video tutorials in the video player above in the order they are listed (where applicable).

2.  Study the course workbook in your own time, in tandem with the video classes, or as directed. 

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Learning Objectives

1. Foundational Knowledge of Running Biomechanics:
- Understand the mechanics of proper running form and how it influences injury risk.

2. Injury Awareness:
- Recognize common running injuries, their causes, and symptoms.

3. Prevention Strategies:
- Implement key strategies and techniques to reduce the risk of running injuries.

4. Importance of Warm-Up and Cool-Down:
- Learn and apply effective warm-up and cool-down routines tailored to runners to prepare the body for workouts and aid recovery.

5. Strength Training for Runners:
- Integrate targeted strength training exercises into a runner's routine to build resilience and reduce injury susceptibility.

6. Flexibility and Mobility:
- Incorporate specific stretches and mobility exercises to enhance joint health, muscle flexibility, and overall running performance.

7. Footwear and Equipment Insights:
- Evaluate the role of running shoes, insoles, and other equipment in injury prevention and understand how to choose the right gear.

8. Nutrition and Hydration for Injury Prevention:
- Grasp the importance of proper nutrition and hydration strategies for runners to support muscle recovery and reduce injury risks.

9. Mental Wellness and Mindfulness:
- Appreciate the role of mental wellness in injury prevention, understanding stressors that can lead to injury, and techniques for mindful running.

10. Customized Training Plans:
- Design or modify running plans that take into account individual capabilities, goals, and health conditions, ensuring sustainable progress without injury.

11. Recovery Techniques:
- Introduce various recovery modalities like foam rolling, massage, and active recovery to facilitate faster recovery post-run.

12. Return-to-Run Protocols:
- Navigate injury recovery phases, understanding when and how to safely return to running after an injury.

By the end of this course, participants should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to help their clients pursue their running aspirations with a reduced risk of injuries, benefiting from expert insights and recommendations from Performance Coach Stephanie Hnatiuk.

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