Sports Massage Therapy (7 hrs)

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Sports Massage Therapy | Advanced Online Course with Robert "Bob" McAtee

Course Overview: Elevate your sports massage therapy expertise with our exclusive 7-hour postgraduate online course, meticulously crafted for professionals who have completed basic massage therapist training. This advanced course is proudly presented by the renowned Robert "Bob" McAtee, a luminary in the field with over four decades of experience. McAtee’s extensive work with athletes across all levels, from local sports enthusiasts to Division 1 and professional elites, has solidified his status as one of the all-time greats in sports massage therapy.

Who It's For: This course is specifically designed for licensed or certified massage therapists who have completed their foundational training and are looking to specialize further in sports massage. It's an ideal step for those seeking to advance their skillset and knowledge in treating athletes and active individuals.

Course Curriculum: Delve into the specialized realm of sports massage, with a focus on managing and treating common soft tissue injuries that are prevalent among athletes and regular sports participants. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, providing a comprehensive understanding of sports-related injury care.

Key Features:

  • Three Hours of Expert Video Instruction: Learn directly from Robert "Bob" McAtee through engaging video classes. These sessions are packed with advanced techniques and insights, offering a hands-on approach to sports massage therapy.

  • Complimentary Copy of "Sports Massage for Injury Care": Receive a free copy of Bob McAtee’s acclaimed book. This 280-page resource, complete with detailed illustrations, serves as an invaluable reference guide to support your ongoing learning and practice.

  • Flexible Online Access: Study at your own pace, with the flexibility to access course materials online from anywhere, at any time. This format is perfect for busy professionals who need to balance continuing education with their practice.

  • Certificate of Completion: Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate, acknowledging your advanced training in sports massage therapy under the guidance of a distinguished expert.

  • Invaluable Insights and Real-World Applications: Bob McAtee doesn’t just teach techniques; he shares real-world experiences and practical advice garnered from his extensive career, offering a rich and immersive learning experience.

Enrollment Information: This advanced course is an exceptional opportunity for professional massage therapists to enhance their expertise under the mentorship of a leading figure in sports massage therapy. Enroll in the "Sports Massage Therapy" online course today and take a significant step in your professional development journey with Robert "Bob" McAtee.


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