Jenna McCarlie NAT Young Achiever Award 2023

Jenna McCarlie in action for Queens University (Belfast) and Ireland (u21) - Jenna is the recipient of the 2023 NAT Young Achiever Award


ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2023/ -- NAT Global Campus is thrilled to announce the recipient of the prestigious 2023 NAT Young Achiever award: Jenna McCarlie, a 20-year-old student-athlete from Queen's University in Ireland.

The NAT Young Achiever award was established by NAT Global Campus to celebrate and support young individuals who excel not only in their sport but also in academics and community service. The award grants the winner financial support for a year, aiming to recognize and foster their talent and dedication to excellence.


NAT Young Achiever Award

Mike McGurn Presents Jenna McCarlie with the NAT Young Achiever Award 2023. Jenna is a student-athlete at Queens University (Belfast) and plays international field hockey for Ireland (U21).


"We are excited to acknowledge Jenna's outstanding contributions and potential," said Dani Marks for NAT Global Campus. "As a remarkable dental student, a community leader, and a rising star of the Queens University and Ireland's U21 hockey teams, Jenna embodies the values the NAT Young Achiever award was designed to champion."

Jenna was nominated for the award by Mike McGurn, the Head of Strength and Conditioning at Queen's University, whose high praise for Jenna's credentials and commitment resonated strongly with the award committee.

The NAT Young Achiever award is more than just an accolade; it represents NAT Global Campus's commitment to nurturing future leaders. By recognizing and supporting young individuals who display exceptional talent, dedication, and leadership in their sport, academics, and community service, NAT Global Campus seeks to cultivate a community that values and promotes holistic excellence.

"This award is an integral part of our mission to help shape future leaders," Dani Marks explained. "By shining a spotlight on extraordinary young individuals like Jenna, we hope to inspire others to strive for greatness in their respective fields."

In the coming months, NAT Global Campus will be sharing updates about Jenna's journey and achievements. They invite everyone to join them in extending congratulations and support to Jenna as she continues to strive for greatness in her athletic and academic pursuits.

About NAT Global Campus:

NAT Global Campus is an online educational institution that is committed to providing high-quality learning opportunities in various fields. With a focus on fostering future leaders, NAT Global Campus is dedicated to empowering its students and community with knowledge, skills, and opportunities for holistic success.

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