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Tibialis Anterior Trigger Points - Stuart Hinds


The tibialis posterior is the deepest muscle on the back of the leg. It helps maintain the arches of the foot.


Lateral part of posterior surface of tibia. Upper two-thirds of posterior surface of fibula. Most of interosseous membrane.


Tuberosity of navicular. By fibrous expansions to sustentaculum tali, three cuneiforms, cuboid, and bases of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsals.


Inverts foot. Assists in plantar flexion of ankle joint. Antagonist: tibialis anterior.



Tibialis Posterior Trigger Points

Tibialis Posterior - Common Trigger Point Site




Tibial nerve, L(4), 5, S1. BASIC FUNCTIONAL


Examples: standing on tiptoes; pushing down car pedals.


Vague calf pain, with increased intensity along achilles tendon to heel/sole of foot.



Tibialis Posterior Trigger Point - Typical Pain Pattern

Tibialis Posterior Trigger Point - Typical Pain Pattern




Achilles tendonitis, calf/heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pain running/walking on uneven surface, Morton’s neuroma, foot numbness in patch around metatarsals, toe cramps, hammer/claw toe, tarsal tunnel syndrome.


Arthritic toes, poor footwear (heels) or orthotics, sports (e.g. walking, jogging, running, sprinting), prolonged driving (pedals).


Shin splints. Posterior tibial compartment syndrome (deep). Tendon rupture. Tenosynovitis. Achilles tendonitis. Deep vein thrombosis. Cardiovascular.


Flexor digitorum longus, peroneal muscles, flexor hallucis longus











This trigger point therapy blog is intended to be used for information purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or to substitute for a medical diagnosis and/or treatment rendered or prescribed by a physician or competent healthcare professional. This information is designed as educational material, but should not be taken as a recommendation for treatment of any particular person or patient. Always consult your physician if you think you need treatment or if you feel unwell. 




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