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Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and the Sacroiliac Joint


In Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and the Sacroiliac Joint, author and respected bodywork specialist John Gibbons looks at one of the most important areas of the body: the pelvis and the sacroiliac joint

Gibbons takes readers on a fascinating journey, teaching us to recognize pain and dysfunctional patterns that arise from the pelvic girdle, and addresses key issues such as:

The walking/gait cycle and its relationship to the pelvic girdle.

Leg length discrepancy and its relationship to the kinetic chain.

The laws of spinal mechanics.

Sacroiliac joint screening.

The relationship of the hip joint, gluteal muscles, and lumbar spine to the pelvis.

Assessment, treatment, and specific core stability exercises for the pelvis and

sacroiliac joint.

In addition, he provides step-by-step techniques to identify and correct a number of impaired patterns as well as functional exercises for the pelvis that promote recovery.

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