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 Cobra Pose Anatomy Trigger Points


Lie on the belly, with the hands and elbows into the rib cage.

The legs come together and extend, pressing the feet into the floor and engaging the core toward the spine to protect the lumbar area.

Lift the torso up from the floor, with the hip bones grounded into the mat. The gaze is forward.

The hands are not used to press into the floor; the spinal extensors must contract to lift the upper body against gravity for full benefit.






Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

The video above is an extract from the NAT online certification course "Yoga Anatomy - for Trigger Points".



Breath, strength, stretch, stimulation of core, expansion of heart and lungs

Action and Alignment

Spine hyperextension, shoulder extension to flexion, shoulder girdle retraction, hip extension.

Core and leg engagement, hands directly under the shoulders.





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Yoga Anatomy for Trigger Points

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