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How To Find Trigger Points - Masseter 


ActiveTrigger Points in the Masseter Can Cause Ear, Tooth, and Jaw Pain

The masseter is a powerful workhorse muscle that we use almost continually and can occasionally get overworked.

Trigger points may form and become active in the masseter under the following conditions:

Trismus (severely restricted jaw), TMJ pain, tension/stress headache, ear pain, ipsilateral tinnitus, dental pain, bruxism, sinusitis pain, puffiness under the eyes (often present in singers), Chewing gum, prolonged dental work, stress, emotional tension, head-forward occupational postures.


Masseter Trigger Points

There are typically 1-4 groups of trigger points found in the masseter muscle


Trigger Point Referred Pain Patterns

Superficial: eyebrow, maxilla, and mandible (anterior). Upper and lower molar teeth.
Deep: ear and TMJ.


See video above.



This trigger point therapy blog is intended to be used for information purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or to substitute for a medical diagnosis and/or treatment rendered or prescribed by a physician or competent healthcare professional. This information is designed as educational material, but should not be taken as a recommendation for treatment of any particular person or patient. Always consult your physician if you think you need treatment or if you feel unwell. 



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