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NAT Global Campus Approved as CE Provider by Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy, Offering Online Courses for LMTs in Louisiana

Orlando, Florida - 5/3/2024

NAT Global Campus is pleased to announce its recent approval as a Continuing Education (CE) provider by the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy. This accreditation underscores NAT's commitment to providing accessible and high-quality education to Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) across Louisiana.

As head of student services at NAT Global Campus, Sabrina Barton commented, "We are dedicated to supporting the professional development of massage therapists. This approval from the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy allows us to expand our reach and offer our online courses to LMTs in Louisiana."

NAT Global Campus will soon make available a series of online courses tailored to meet the continuing education needs of LMTs in Louisiana. These courses cover various massage modalities, including Oncology Massage and Pregnancy Massage, and are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of massage therapists. Beyond Louisiana, NAT online massage courses are CE  approved in most states and territories in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

The courses offered by NAT Global Campus are known for their comprehensive curriculum and practical insights. Through these online programs, LMTs in Louisiana will have the opportunity to further their education and improve their practice while receiving CE credits for their effort.

For more information about NAT Global Campus and its online courses for LMTs in Louisiana, please visit www.nielasher.com

For further information about CE accreditation for NAT courses, please click here CE Finder

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