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Trigger Point Therapy Doesn't Usually Need to be Painful

There's a common myth that trigger point release must be painful. Whilst there are times when the treatment can be painful, as a general rule, it shouldn't be!

Learning painless trigger point release, or at least applying techniques that minimise and cause little pain, is very important. Like everything, this requires a little bit of patience, and plenty of practice.

One great way to practice, as a therapist, is on yourself.

You will quickly master the art of painless release using Ischemic Compression Technique (ICT) and this is an incredibly useful skill to have. 

Once you’ve used ICT to reduce the sensitivity of the trigger points, the treatment isn’t quite finished. You'll need to follow-up by stretching out the muscle.

The stretching needs to be accomplished slowly, with the client breathing out with each increase in the stretch. Never attempt to force the stretch as this can actually re-activate the trigger point.

Many therapists tend to forget or overlook the importance of stretching. This is often a key element in preventing the trigger point from returning.

We commonly use ICT, followed by stretching the muscle, and finish with the application of heat (some form of wheat bag or heat pack) applied to the treated area for 5 to 10 minutes.



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