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 Trigger Point Anatomy - Serratus Anterior Muscles


Serratus Anterior Trigger Points and Pain Referral

Trigger points in the serratus anterior are commonly detected and treated for local pain.

In these cases the client will typically report pain in the rib cage, pain in the general area of the arm pit and in either case the pain may be felt more acutely with deep breathing.

Where other possible conditions have been examined and ruled out, trigger points in the serratus anterior are often discovered to be connected with the pain.

In other cases however, pain from trigger points in the serratus anterior muscle may radiate down the inside of the arm. In a smaller number of cases pain from these trigger points may radiate all the way down the arm to the fingers.


Serratus Anterior Trigger Point Release


Trigger points may develop over time simply as a result of overuse, poor posture, poor ergonomics. or as a reaction to sudden demand of the muscle. 

In many cases trigger points are part of the body's protect and defend mechanism, designed to react to shorten the muscle to prevent what the body perceives as overuse or some other danger.

You can use this link (Serratus Anterior Trigger Point Release) to read more about trigger point release and treatment for serratus anterior.



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