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Taping Technique for Retrocalcaneal Bursitis 


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Retrocalcaneal Bursitis is a common foot pain condition that can often be mistaken for (or appear with) Achilles Tendonitis

The retrocalcaneal bursa lies between the Achilles tendon insertion and the calcaneus (heel bone) and helps to lubricate and cushion the tendon as it runs over the heel.

This bursa is stressed during repetitive movements of the ankle and foot such as during running, walking or jumping.

The repetitive friction of the tendon running over the bursa during forceful plantarflexion during push-off compresses the bursa between the tendon and bone and can cause inflammation.

Worn or incorrectly sized footwear or excessive pronation of the foot can lead to problems with this bursa and the Achilles tendon. Shoes that fit too tightly, especially around the heel, may put additional stress on the tendon and bursa.


Retrocalcaneal Bursitis Trigger Points

Achilles Pain and Trigger Points


Cause of Injury

Repetitive stress to the bursa by the friction of the Achilles tendon during walking, running or jumping. Increasing duration or distance too quickly. Improper footwear. Gait dysfunction such as over-pronation. Injury to the Achilles tendon.

Signs and Symptoms

Pain, especially with walking, running or jumping. Tenderness over the heel area. Redness and slight swelling may be noted over the heel.

Complications if Left Unattended

The bursa can rupture completely if the injury is left unattended. This complete rupture could lead to other problems with the Achilles tendon due to increased friction.

The pain may make it difficult to rise up onto the toes during walking, running or jumping.

Immediate Treatment

Rest from activities that cause pain. Ice. Anti- inflammatory medication.

Rehabilitation and Prevention

Strengthening the muscles of the calf and stretching the muscles of the lower leg will facilitate healing. Using activities that do not irritate the area to maintain fitness levels is essential.

Keeping the muscles strong and flexible and allowing adequate warm-up before all activities will help prevent bursitis.

Long-Term Prognosis

Proper treatment and rest should lead to a complete recovery. In rare cases the fluid that builds up due to the inflammation may need to be drained to facilitate healing.

Surgery is only necessary in extreme cases that do not respond to rest and rehabilitation.



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