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Pectoralis Major Muscle

The Pectoralis Major, commonly referred to as the Pecks, is the largest of the chest muscles. It purpose is to adduct and medially rotate the humerus and has two starting points. The first starting point of the Pectoralis Major is from the collar bone, known as the Clavicular head. The second starting point of the Pectoralis Major is from the center of the rib cage called the Sternocostal head. The Clavicular head moves in a downward fashion, as the Sternocostal moves across and up.


The two muscle heads meet to form a large muscle that ends at the top part of the Humerus, the bone of the upper arm. The Pectoralis Major muscle has different ways in which it affects movements. The muscle helps with raising of the arm, inward rotation of the arm and bringing the arm back to its natural position. When heavy breathing is involved then the Pectoralis Major will help as well with lifting of the ribcage.


Due to the muscle being heavily used in a variety of sports and exercises it could be easily injured. The most common injury happens from overuse of the muscle which could lead to inflammation and tears. Injuring the Pectoralis Major does not mean that the pain will necessarily be felt in the chest. Pain rising from the shoulder while trying to lift the arm or push an object away from the body could also mean that the Pectoralis Major is the issue.




Using Muscle Energy Techniques to Treat the Pectoralis Major Muscle - Stuart Hinds










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