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Even relatively mild groin strains can be painful, uncomfortable and debilitating. On average, left untreated, with rest, a groin strain should heal itself within about 4-6 weeks.


Trigger Point Release Groin Stretch


Typically the strain will occur when the muscles of the groin are suddenly activated or as a result of over-training.

In many cases, trigger points will have developed over time as the body senses danger ahead. These latent trigger points may themselves become causal over time, as they tend to shorten and tighten the muscle.

In other cases, latent trigger points in the adductors will activate in response to an over-load or injury, as part of the body's self-defence mechanism.

So it pays to keep your adductors well conditioned and, especially for athletes, not to take their hard working adductors for granted.

Stretching Technique

Sit with the soles of your feet together and bring your feet towards your groin. Hold onto your ankles and push your knee towards the ground with your elbows. Try to keep your back straight and upright.

Tip: Use your elbows to regulate the intensity of this stretch.

Refer to the video above.



Hip Adductors Trigger Points





Adductor Magnus Trigger Points

Adductor Magnus



Muscles being stretched

Primary muscles: Adductor longus, brevis, and magnus.

Secondary muscles: Gracilis. Pectineus.

Sports that benefit from this stretch

Basketball. Netball. Cycling. Hiking. Backpacking. Mountaineering. Orienteering. Ice hockey. Field hockey. Ice-skating. Roller- skating. Inline skating. Martial arts. Running. Track. Cross-country. American football (gridiron). Soccer. Rugby. Snow skiing. Water skiing. Surfing. Walking. Race walking. Wrestling.

Injury where this stretch might be helpful

Avulsion fracture in the pelvic area. Groin strain. Osteitis pubis. Piriformis syndrome. Tendonitis of the adductor muscles. Trochanteric bursitis.



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