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The Digastricus Muscle


Latin digastricus, having two (muscle) bellies


Anterior belly: digastric fossa on inner side of lower border of mandible, near symphysis. Posterior belly: mastoid notch of temporal bone.


Trigger Point Release TMJ

a) Posterior, b) Anterior




Body of hyoid bone via a fascial sling over an intermediate tendon.


Raises hyoid bone. Depresses and retracts mandible as in opening the mouth.


Anterior belly: mylohyoid nerve, from trigeminal V nerve (mandibular division).
Posterior belly: facial (
V11) nerve.

Trigger Point Referred Pain 

Anterior: lower four incisor teeth, tongue, and lip, occasionally to chin.

Posterior: strong 2 cm zone around mastoid and vaguely the zone to chin and throat, occasionally to scalp.



Digastricus Trigger Points





Digastricus Trigger Points





Throat pain, dental pain (four lower incisors), headache, jaw pain,
renal tubular acidosis, prolonged/ extensive dental work (blurred vision and dizziness), lower mouth
opening, difficulty swallowing, vocal/singing problems.


Head-forward/upper crossed
pattern, poor bite mechanics and/
or clenching/grinding of teeth (bruxism), whiplash, telephone to chin, musical instruments (e.g. violin or wind instruments).

Differential Diagnosis

Dental problems—malocclusion. Hyoid bone. Thyroid problems. Thymus gland. Sinusitis. Carotid artery.


SCM, sternothyroid, mylohyoid, stylohyoid, longus colli/capitis, geniohyoid, cervical vertebrae, temporalis, masseter.


General Self Help:

Bite Plates/Blocks/ Occlusal Splints

Opinion varies as to efficacy, type, and duration of use for occlusal devices. An evidence base suggests they can be beneficial.


Breathing patterns. Bruxism. Head postures.


Head forward or upper crossover patterns can be treated by a range of manual and trigger point therapists.

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