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Verna Ittner, BSc, NAT, Massage Therapist, Nationally Certified with NCBTMB

"The results from NAT have been outstanding!"


Here at Team NAT, nothing makes us happier than hearing from those who have visited an NAT certified therapists and experienced a life-improving outcome.

We are extremely grateful to massage therapist Verna Ittner, and her client Edna Harper, for allowing us to share the following case history:


Name: Edna Harper

Age: late 70s

Diagnosis: Shoulder misalignment and shoulder damage following a serious fall

Symptoms: Severe shoulder pain; limited range of motion in the arm

Massage Therapist: Verna Ittner


Q. How did your shoulder injury happen?

A. I had a terrible fall outside one day. I slipped on a patch of ice and fell directly onto my right shoulder. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and there was a lot of serious damage. I was in very poor condition after the fall.

Q. What were your symptoms?

A. Mostly, I felt severe pain all of the time. Naturally I couldn’t sleep well at night. And I had a lot of trouble moving that arm; I couldn’t really move it at all.

Q. How did the symptoms affect your life?

A. The pain overwhelmed my whole life, and the pain medications I was given didn’t really help diminish the pain much at all. It was a very serious injury and the pain was constant.

Q. What treatment did your doctor suggest?

A. I needed immediate surgery to realign my shoulder cap and try to repair the other damage to my shoulder. I had the procedure just a few days after my fall.

Q. How effective was the surgery?

A. The surgeon was able to repair some of the damage, but not all of it. The doctors told me that the shoulder could not be completely fixed – ever. I will never get my range of motion back completely. The surgery was successful in the sense that I could now use my arm, and I was very grateful for that. But I was still dealing with a severe amount of pain every day.

Q. What did the massage therapist suggest for your condition?

A. Verna is a friend from church, and I trust her to treat my condition. She has a background in nursing and years of experience as a massage therapist. After hearing my story, she suggested manual therapy to treat my pain and I agreed that it was worth a try.

Q. Did the massage therapy lead to any improvement?

A. Yes, it really did! I didn’t have very high expectations, especially since I’d been told my condition couldn’t be fixed. I do still have some mild occasional pain, but the treatments brought my pain down to a level that was much more manageable.

Q. How do you feel about NAT therapy as a form of treatment?

A. I would recommend it highly, and I would also recommend Verna as a massage therapist. Her treatments are very effective, and she has a detailed medical knowledge of the body because of her nursing background. She’s very dedicated to helping her clients, and I think that’s why she’s so effective as a healer.


Verna Ittner, BSc, NAT, Massage Therapist, Nationally Certified with NCBTMB

Verna started her career by completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Minnesota Nursing School. After her training, rather than pursue a job as a nurse, she felt strongly drawn towards massage therapy as a profession. She believed that it was her vocation.

Verna decided to continue her studies in healing by taking a one year program in massage therapy. During her training, she had the opportunity to work with a chiropractor, and she continued her work with him after she graduated.

Verna enjoyed the experience of working with and learning from another type of practitioner. However, she ultimately decided to open her own practice because she wanted the independence of owning her own business.

Verna’s practice is located in Crystal, Minnesota. She treats all types of patients, but she sees a lot of people with frozen shoulder, other shoulder conditions, back and neck problems.  

Verna believes strongly in the effectiveness of massage therapy for treating pain. However, she feels that the type of practitioner who will be most helpful to the patient depends on the type of problem indicated. She often refers clients to other practitioners, like chiropractors, if she thinks they will be of more benefit the client. Verna would like to see more medical practitioners incorporate massage into their treatment plans.

“I love massage and I love learning new techniques. I feel very fulfilled. It’s great to be able to help people!”

So what is Verna's Verdict on NAT?

“The results have been astounding!” :)


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