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Be Like the Best


Be Like the Best is a collection of 50 of Anthony Renna’s interviews with some of the top fitness professionals in the world.

Be Like the Best is a collection of 50 interviews with top North American fitness and physical therapy professionals in which Strength Coach Podcast creator Anthony Renna fleshed out the traits and habits that made them successful.During the last 12 years of interviewing many strength coaches, fitness professionals, physical therapists and gym owners, Anthony Renna has accumulated a rolodex of “The Best of the Best” in the fitness profession. This book is a collection of interviews with some of those top successes.You’ll learn how they evolved in their careers, what habits and traits they believe made them successful, their goal setting processes, how they get through hard times and even some books to read and people they recommend following.After each interview, you'll find a challenge or action step based on a takeaway from each interview. These are designed to encourage you to build the habits to Be Like the Best on your journey to dominating this profession.As a fitness professional, you’re already making an impact in your clients, athletes and patients. This book will help you stand out in a crowded field and put you on the road to success.

"Anthony Renna has spent the last decade creating and curating content for fitness pros. Nobody does it better.” ~ Mike Boyle, StrengthCoach.com

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