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American Weightlifting


In American Weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay outlines his methods of teaching weightlifting, and adds tips for better performance in advanced athletes, as well as suggestions for coaches.

This book contains detailed explanations of Glenn’s Three-Step Top-Down method for teaching
snatch and clean and jerk technique, along with programming for beginner, intermediate, and advanced weightlifters. Special considerations of programming for sports athletes are also featured
in the text. Within these pages, readers will find multi-week programming templates, exercise descriptions, and guidance on competing and nutrition. Wonderful stories, experiences, and photos from Glenn’s many years of coaching are also included.

American Weightlifting has something that will help everyone. Whether you’re a weightlifter at any level or merely enthusiastic about strength training, this book will guide you to success in your journey to technical mastery and gaining strength. Every turn of the page will carry you deeper into Coach Glenn Pendlay’s proven methods of training.

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