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Woman taking exam

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NAT Global Campus Exams

About exams

The purpose of these exams is to satisfy your examination board or regulatory body that you have completed and understood the course material.

Important information;

1. Some questions may have one correct answer or multiple correct answers, so make sure you select all of the correct answers.

2. The pass mark for our exams is 70%.

3. You have 3 attempts to pass the exam.

4. You may pause the exam and go back to it using the login details that you create at the start of the exam.

Where to start? 

Select the course exam from the list below and then follow the instructions.

Please enter your name as you would wish it to appear on your certificate.

In order to take the exam you will be asked for an email address and password.  These are login details that you must create yourself - they do not relate to any access details that you have received from us. 

Please keep a note of the login details that you create in case you wish to go back to the exam at a later time.

Have your order confirmation number to hand. You will find this on the order confirmation that you received from us when you placed your order.  It will be a number like 2022-14863.

Finishing your exam

Once you have finished the exam, click on "Finish".  You will then receive your results by email along with your certificate. 

If for some reason the email doesn’t arrive or you lose your certificate, simply get in touch with us at here and we will resend it to you.

Selecting the correct exam

From the list provided below, select the exam that most closely matches the name of the course you have completed.

The certificate provided with each exam includes all of the accreditations which that course holds.

We recommend using Chrome as your browser and enabling cookies for the best experience. You may need to refresh your page for the exam to appear.

If you need help with anything relating to your exam, please click here.

Good luck!


Select Course Exam

Advanced Hand Massage Exam

Advanced Foot Massage Exam

Anatomy of Exercise and Movement Exam

Anatomy of Sports Injuries Exam

Anatomy of Stretching Exam

Biomechanics - Lower Body Exam

Bowen Technique Foundation Exam

Clinical Reasoning and Assessment Exam

Contemporary Approach to Low Back Pain Exam

Corrective Exercise Solutions for Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction Exam

Cupping for the Modern Practitioner Exam

Dry Needling / IMS Exam

Ethics: Safety and Solicitation

Evaluating and Treating Chronic Neck Pain Exam

Fascial Release for Structural Balance Exam

Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and SIJ Exam

Fusion Massage for Sciatica Exam

Fusion Massage for Tension Headaches Exam

Hatha Yoga Foundation Exam

Healing Massage Exam

Healing Through Trigger Point Therapy Exam

ITB Syndrome Exam

Introduction to Medical Cannabis Exam

Muscle Energy Techniques Exam

Mind Body Healing Exam

Movement for Menopause Exam

NAT Anatomy of Pain - Trigger Point Therapy Exam

NAT Clinical Vacuum Cupping Course Exam

NAT Elbow and Wrist Pain Exam

NAT Myofascial Trigger Point Course - Dry Needling Exam

NAT Treating Common Headaches Exam

NAT Treating Frozen Shoulder Exam

NAT Treating Lower Back Pain Exam

NAT Treating Spondylolisthesis Exam

NAT Treating the Complex Shoulder Exam

NAT Treating the Rotator Cuff Exam

Olympic Lifting for Strength and Speed Exam

Oncology Massage Exam

Orthopedic Cupping - Lower Extremity Exam

Pilates Principles Exam

Pregnancy Massage Exam

Soccer Specifics Exam

Soft Tissue Release Exam

Spa Cupping Foundation Exam

Taping For Trigger Points Exam

The Vital Psoas Exam

Treating Hip Pain and Dysfunction Exam

Treating Runner's Knee Exam

Treating Sciatic Pain Exam

Treating TMJ Disorders Exam

Trigger Point Theory Exam

Trigger Point Therapy Diploma Exam

Trigger Point Therapy for Dogs Exam

Trigger Point Therapy For Horses Exam

Understanding and Evaluating Posture Exam

Understanding and Treating Peripheral Nerve Entrapments Exam

Understanding The Vital Glutes Exam

Yoga Anatomy for Trigger Points Exam