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Wellness and Holistic Physical Therapy, 3rd edition, stands as a cornerstone textbook for DPT programs, aligning with CAPTE standards, APTA's educational models, and ensuring students are primed to deliver holistic physical therapy for optimal patient outcomes.

Encompassing the latest evidence-based research with over 1200 references, this edition delves deep into the realm of wellness within the physical therapy scope. Chapters span from the foundational Model of Holistic Physical Therapy to the exploration of comorbidities like obesity and mental health. The book also touches on nuanced areas like cultural competence, community wellness projects, and the emerging domain of telehealth, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the topic.

Author Dr. Sharon Fair boasts an impressive academic trajectory, with degrees from esteemed institutions like the University of Maryland and Capella University. With licensure and practice experience spanning from Maryland to Hawaii, Dr. Fair's expertise is vast. As an academic, she's enriched the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences with her knowledge and leadership. Her contributions extend to numerous seminars and the creation of pivotal continuing education courses. Dr. Fair's legacy includes the previous editions of this textbook, adopted widely in North America, and her pivotal role in the Wellness Society