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Ultra-Fat to Ultra-Fit answers a seminal question that every over weight person has asked themselves at one time or another: If I really buckled down and tried to get in shape, just what am I capable of? Noah Walton decided to conduct a one-man experiment to find the answer. Armed with only his wits and a desire to lose a lot of weight, he set out to transform himself from a 340 pound blimp into an elite athlete.

The book begins with Noah stepping onto the scale to confront the terrible reality of his physical condition. It concludes five years later as he qualifies for and competes in the US National Triathlon Championships. In a world where 95% of diets fail, Noah’s approach represents a fresh look at a very old problem.

With a good dose of humor thrown in, he covers the complete range of human body types with advice for each, his weight loss trials and tribulations, the various reasons that weight loss is so hard for people, and how he combated each issue. Five years of active research and work went into his experiment and he is still actively engaged in his unique approach to weight control and fitness.