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Order by Phone (USA) 1 800 741 5716



Diagnostic tests are unable to find the cause of symptoms in at least 
half of all medical patients, most of whom are ill because of hidden stresses. Dr. David Clarke has done pioneering work with over 7,000 of these patients, often sent to him as a last resort.

In plain language he describes the major types of stress and explains steps for treatment with a range of effective techniques. Case histories that read like medical mysteries illustrate the concepts and make them easy to apply. This significant book offers real solutions to both doctors and patients to stop the stress illness epidemic.

Dr. Clarke is a clinical assistant professor of medicine with Oregon Health and Science University, and a clinical lecturer with Pacific University, and he has had a private practice since 1984. He developed an award-winning monthly seminar on stress illness, and local doctors have given their patients tens of thousands of copies of his brochure on this topic. Portland Monthly magazine twice named him a Top Doctor.