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The Vital Shoulder Complex

Bodymaster John Gibbons is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities in sports medicine. In The Vital Shoulder Complex he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get the best results when working with this challenging but fascinating area of the body.

How does a gallbladder problem cause referred pain to the shoulder? Why might pain in the superior aspect of the scapula be linked to a weak Gmax on the opposite side? A “winged” scapula can be caused by damage to which nerves? How would you treat a SLAP lesion?

All of these questions and more are answered in this ground-breaking book, guiding the reader through everything they need to know to be able to confidently assess, diagnose, and treat patients presenting with pain to the shoulder complex and cervical spine.

The Vital Shoulder Complex is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand and treat shoulder-related pain.

With over 350 color photographs and illustrations and insightful case studies from his own practice, Gibbons provides an educative tour of the anatomy of the shoulder complex and demonstrates treatment protocols proven to successfully restore pain-free movement and improve sporting performance.