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What's Your Super-Power?

Take a few minutes to think on this. What’s your unique talent or superpower? What do clients respond most to that you do? When do you feel you that you’re most in the moment or in tune with what your client needs?

Once you’ve identified your best work, then we have a direction to take your business.

Next, look at your top clients. Is there anything in particular that you know they need? Is it something that’s in alignment with your unique skills?

Finally, we need to look at the marketplace. Is there something you can offer that’s unique? Because it’s when you have something unique to offer that you can command a strong position in the market.

When you can truly say ‘I’m the only therapist in my area who offers X’ you know that you’ve found your uniqueness.

Finding the Sweetspot

You’re looking for the intersection between these three areas – your best work, your top clients and a unique offering.

That’s the sweet spot to aim for – and where you’ll grow your dream business.

So now download the page on the link below. First, answer the questions to find your sweetspot!

Now, once you’ve completed the first task, move on to think of ways to take this to the next level.

The best way to brainstorm this is to think about what’s ‘normal’ in your industry. What’s the regular way of doing what your best work is?

Now, how could you go two, or even three steps above that?







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