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Jonathan Kuttner M.D.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Dr Jonathan Kuttner (MBBCH, Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FRNZCGP, FAFMM) relocated to New Zealand 35 years ago, originally working in family medicine.

As an active sportsman, and martial arts practitioner, Jonathan quickly became focused on sports medicine, a field around which he built a busy practice.

Chronic Pain

Following a hang gliding accident, which he was fortunate to survive (he walked away from the crash with just a broken collar bone and a dislocated shoulder), Jonathan spent the next six years suffering with long term symptoms including full chronic back pain and sciatica.

This led to Jonathan investigating more deeply then ever into the causes and treatments for long term chronic musculoskeletal pain, with a special emphasis on physical medicine and so-called "alternative" manual therapies. 

Trigger Point Therapy

In the years since his hang gliding accident, Jonathan has become established as one of the worlds foremost teachers of trigger point therapy techniques, including dry needling. He is also the author of numerous books and papers on the subject of treating and dealing with chronic pain.

Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2014, Jonathan received the David G. Simmons award from the NAMTPT for his lifetime contribution to education in trigger point therapy.




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