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Man stuck in maze representing how we know little about medicine and the human body
Man stuck in a maze portraying how we know little about the human body

We know less than we think we know

Rethinking Evidence-Based Practice in Alternative Healthcare

At NAT Global Campus, we embrace a modality-agnostic approach to natural alternative therapies. We believe that the lack of evidence for a particular therapy does not necessarily equate to a poor outcome. Instead, we prioritize safety, scope of practice, and anecdotal evidence as important considerations when evaluating and promoting different therapies.

In many traditional healthcare practices, professionals are often taught to work within narrow, artificial boundaries based on their specific modality, such as needles for acupuncturists, manipulation for chiropractors, or massage for massage therapists. However, we challenge this notion and believe that it is both limiting and counterproductive.

We strive to make effective techniques from different disciplines available to as many practitioners as possible. For example, if there is an osteopathic technique that falls within the scope of practice of massage therapists, we believe that they should have access to it and be able to integrate it into their practice. We also recognize that caregivers can play an important role in helping to relieve pain for patients, such as arthritis sufferers. Carers who are often on the front line facing chronic pain, will also often have the least access to education.  

While evidence-based practice is important and serves as a valuable guide for healthcare decision-making, we also acknowledge that evidence may not always be available or conclusive for all therapies. In alternative healthcare, many therapies have historical and cultural roots that may not have been subject to rigorous scientific research. However, we believe that anecdotal evidence, when carefully evaluated, can provide valuable insights and inform practice.

We design our courses with the intention of helping practitioners push the boundaries of their practice, while always staying within their scope of practice and ensuring safety. We emphasize the importance of critical thinking, clinical judgment, and ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of different therapies in the context of individual patients.

In conclusion, NAT Global Campus advocates for a modality-agnostic approach to natural alternative therapies. We believe that practitioners should have the freedom to explore and integrate effective techniques from different disciplines, within the boundaries of their scope of practice and with consideration for safety. We also recognize the value of anecdotal evidence in informing practice, and we encourage practitioners to critically evaluate and apply evidence in their decision-making process. By embracing a modality-agnostic ethos, we aim to provide a comprehensive and inclusive approach to alternative healthcare education and practice.

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