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Team NAT

NAT faculty members work together and with our students to promote and encourage the safe teaching and practice of natural alternative therapies, worldwide.

Through research, coursework, and virtual interactions, students and faculty learn from and challenge each other on a daily basis.

Kelly Saxton NAT Global Campus

Kelly Saxton MS ATC LMT

We're absolutely thrilled to welcome Kelly Saxton, MS, ATC, LAT, LMT, CST-T, to our online teaching faculty. Kelly is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience spanning from East Carolina University to Penn State, where she served as an athletic trainer for some of the finest teams in the NCAA, aiding in three national championships.

This summer, Kelly will share her expertise with us in a series of Continuing Education courses on CranioSacral Therapy.

If you've been interested in expanding your knowledge in CST or seeking new skills to broaden your practice, these courses will be a valuable resource.

Dr. Joi Edwards NAT Global Campus

Dr Joi Edwards PT PhD

Dr Joi Edwards DPT, a skilled physical and massage therapist, has an impressive background in orthopedics and manual therapy. Known for her prolific writing, she regularly contributes insightful articles on health and wellness to various media outlets. As an educator, Dr Joi is renowned for her engaging and lively teaching style, consistently empowering fellow therapists with her wealth of knowledge. Her expertise extends to all forms of cupping therapy, an area she has studied, researched, and practiced for over 20 years.

Her combination of clinical experience, academic acumen, and passion for sharing knowledge places Dr Edwards at the forefront of her field, enhancing the practice of physical therapy and contributing to the overall well-being of her clients and students.

Andy Eckley LMT

Andy Eckley is a dual-practicing human and equine soft tissue therapist, known for his dedicated interest in trigger point therapy and his innovative approach to animal treatment techniques. His distinctive practice showcases a unique blend of therapeutic skills, catered to both human and animal patients.

When not teaching or providing therapy, Andy channels his passion for animal welfare into his role as an Animal Safety Representative for the American Humane Association on film sets, ensuring ethical treatment of animals in the industry.

A valued member of the NAT Global Campus faculty since 2018, Andy instructs online courses focusing on equine therapy and Bowen Therapy.

Dr. Constance Bradley L.Ac NAT Global Campus

Dr Constance Bradley L.Ac PhD

Dr. Constance Bradley, L.Ac., PhD, is a distinguished faculty member with a diverse academic and professional background. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy (BSc in Humanities, 2001), the University of Colorado (MA in Philosophy, focusing on Medical Ethics, 2002), and the University of Utah (PhD with emphases in Philosophy of Science and Theoretical Biology, 2009), Dr. Bradley has also earned an MA in Acupuncture from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (2015).

An accomplished scholar, Dr. Bradley has contributed to journals including the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, the Sage, and the Feng Shui Journal. Currently licensed to practice acupuncture in Kentucky, she also holds a national certification through the NCCAOM.

Dr Linda Bluestein MD

Dr. Linda Bluestein, M.D., is a board-certified anesthesiologist, integrative pain medicine physician, and former ballet dancer, with a specialization in treating dancers and athletes prone to hypermobility disorders. After obtaining her Medical Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, she completed an anesthesiology residency at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine.

A prominent figure in the study of connective tissue disorders like Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS), she serves as the Director of Education for the nonprofit, EDS Wellness. Additionally, she contributes to academia as an assistant professor and the RISHI Healer’s Art Program course director at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Erica Suter NAT Global Campus

Erica Suter MSc

Erica Suter, a former college and professional soccer player, has made her mark as a distinguished Youth Speed, Agility, Strength, and Conditioning Coach over the past decade. Currently based in Tampa, Florida, Erica is well-known online as the Fit Soccer Queen. She authored 'The Strong Female Athlete', a book based on both science and personal experience, presenting a new approach for young female athletes to boost speed, minimize injury, and optimize performance.

Erica earned her Master of Science in Exercise Science and Sports Performance Enhancement from Johns Hopkins University. She also holds several noteworthy certifications, including a USSF “C” License; NSPA Certified Speed And Agility Coach; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS); and a USA Weight-Lifting Sports Performance Coach (USAW Level 1) certification.

Phillipa Butler NAT Global Campus

Phillipa Butler PT MSCP

Phillipa Butler, a Chartered Physiotherapist, brings a wealth of experience from both the NHS and private sector, specializing in rehabilitation from accidents, illnesses, or injuries. Passionate about teaching, Phillipa excels in guiding individuals to engage in safe and effective exercises, highlighting the transformative power of movement.

A certified instructor in multiple disciplines, Phillipa is a Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher, a Hatha Yoga instructor, and a meditation teacher. She leverages this diverse skill set to foster and boost well-being. Her comprehensive approach and expertise have helped countless individuals unlock their potential and experience the holistic benefits of physical activity. Phillipa's dedication to her craft and her students makes her a valued contributor to the field of physiotherapy.

Dr Jonathan Kutner MD NAT Global Campus

Dr Jonathan Kuttner DPT

Dr. Jonathan Kuttner, DPT, is a respected chronic pain specialist renowned as a leading authority on trigger points and trigger point therapy. His in-depth knowledge and innovative treatments have set a high standard in the field, earning him recognition both locally and internationally.

Outside his professional commitments, Jonathan is an outdoor enthusiast, spending his free time hiking the scenic hills of New Zealand, hang gliding off cliffs, or honing his skills in Aikido. His balanced approach to life blends his passion for health and wellness with his love for adventure.

In 2016, his significant contributions were formally acknowledged when he received a lifetime achievement award from the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (NAMTPT), solidifying his esteemed reputation in the field of pain management.

Prescilla Flemming NAT Global Campus

Priscilla Fleming LMBT

Priscilla Fleming, a certified clinical specialist in neuromuscular and structural bodywork, is renowned for her contribution to the field, including authoring 'A Bodyworkers Guide to Soft Tissue Patterns.' Alongside teaching roles with NAT and the NC School of Massage, she is a regular keynote speaker and has been highlighted in Massage Magazine.

Firmly believing in the importance of Ethics and Safety, Priscilla has made it her mission to foster understanding of these critical areas. As part of the NAT Global Campus faculty, she delivers numerous courses and live webinars annually. Her unique insights and commitment to ethical practices continue to guide practitioners, upholding service quality and integrity in the bodywork industry. Priscilla's impactful work solidifies her as a leading educator and advocate in her field.

Mike McGurn NAT Global Campus

Mike McGurn BSc

Mike McGurn is a renowned strength and conditioning coach celebrated for his pragmatic and committed approach. Notably, he led St Helens to secure the coveted treble - Challenge Cup, Super League, and World Club Champions in the 2000/2001 season. Recruited by Eddie O'Sullivan in 2002, Mike revolutionized the Ireland Rugby Union team's training systems over eight years, establishing a foundation for their historic success.

His expertise extends to globally respected teams like the All Blacks and Manchester United, showcasing his versatility in sports conditioning. Presently, Mike serves as the lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Queen's University Belfast, supervising training for rugby football, Gaelic hurling, and rowing teams, reinforcing his position as a leader in athletic conditioning.

Karen Vizueta NAT Global Campus

Karen Vizueta BSc

Karen Vizueta, a distinguished fitness expert, earned her BSc (Hons) from the University of Rhode Island. She boasts a broad range of fitness certifications, including STOTT Pilates Mat & Reformer, NASM CPT, AFAA Primary Group Exercise, AFAA Step, TRX, BOSU Kids, and Precision Nutrition L1. Further, Karen has trained in Balanced Body Jumpboard, Power House Pilates Integrated Tower, and IMX Pilates Mat & Reformer, reinforcing her extensive skill set.

Beyond her coaching responsibilities, Karen is a respected voice in wellness, contributing regular articles to the field. Her insights and expertise have been featured on notable platforms like Cosmopolitan.com and feedspot.com, further solidifying her position as a knowledgeable and influential figure in fitness and health.

Maureen Abson BA (Hons) MPhil 

Maureen Abson, a highly respected Senior Soft Tissue lecturer, is recognized for her pioneering work in Fusion Massage Technique. This unique approach merges fascial release and deep tissue massage, specifically targeting hands, feet, and head to alleviate tension throughout the body.

She's perhaps best known for her instruction in oncology massage, which has significantly contributed to the field. With over 25 years of teaching experience spanning several continents - including the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, and Israel - Maureen continues to shape the field of massage therapy through her innovative techniques and commitment to student development.

Vianca Arias BA

Vianca is our digital media expert and online ambassador, dedicated to aiding individuals and businesses in navigating the online space, establishing a robust social media presence, and boosting engagement with their audiences. She couples her expertise with a degree in Media and Communications from Broward College, Florida, offering a strong academic foundation to her practical skills.

Vianca's passion also extends into the realm of mixology. As the co-founder of Thirsty Bartenders, an online mixology show, she blends creativity and digital know-how to deliver engaging content. Her decade-long experience in online content production showcases her competence and adaptability in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, marking her as a driving force in our team's online ventures.

Paul Townley PT NAT Global Campus

Paul Townley MSc PT

Paul, an expert in Neuromusculoskeletal medicine, holds a Master's Degree in the field and maintains memberships with the Manipulative Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and the International Federation of Manipulative Therapy.

As a qualified Extended Scope Practitioner and a respected university lecturer in the UK, Paul demonstrates an impressive blend of academic and practical proficiency. His career, spanning over two decades, showcases a wealth of experience working with elite athletes, including a tenure as Physiotherapist for the English Premier League's Crystal Palace FC.

Paul's vast experience, combined with his commitment to education, marks Paul as a significant contributor to the advancement of physiotherapy and neuromusculoskeletal medicine.

Vicki Ramsdell NAT Global Campus

Vicki Ramsdell LMT

Vicki, an adjunct professor at several esteemed institutions including the New York Institute of Massage and Onondaga School of Massage, is a key educator in Thai Medical Massage & Cupping. She is also a core teacher for the L.M.T Success Group, solidifying her place as a significant figure in the field of massage education.

Vicki's unique approach to cupping therapy is rooted in a blend of Eastern knowledge and International Cupping Therapy Association coursework. This has led to the creation of a distinct cupping system that harmoniously integrates Thai, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Modern Cupping techniques. Her innovative approach and dedication to teaching underscore her commitment to enhancing the practice of massage and cupping therapy.


Lara Kolesar NAT Global Campus

Lara Kolesar

For the last 25 years, Lara has been exploring and creating new ways to support the body and translate its intelligence through touch, breath and movement. She developed the Kolesar Body Knowledge Method for Pilates Instructors and now offers her latest creation, The Art of Ecstatic Touch, out of her passion for accessing the deep healing potential of the body when it's trapped rhythm of response is liberated into intuition and knowing. She has lead international trainings and workshops guiding people to unlock their somatic knowing through their sense of touch.

Lara combines her expertise in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Anatomy, Massage, Dance, Embodied Sensuality, and Personal Development to remind people of their body’s trustworthy wisdom. She is passionate about using touch and sensory intuition to remind your body through its innate, ecstatic expression of aliveness that it is made up of the same primordial force that fuels all of life.

Levi Markwardt NAT Global Campus

Levi Markwardt

Levi Markwardt is a world-class Kettlebell Sport Competitor and an integral member of Team USA's World Team, recognized under the International Kettlebell Marathon Federation (IKMF). His exceptional skill in Kettlebell Sport is highlighted by his achievements as an IKMF Master of Sport World Class in Pentathlon and Half Marathon Half Snatch. Levi has become a prominent figure in the kettlebell community, not only for his competitive successes but also for his role in elevating the sport's profile.

In addition to his competitive pursuits, Levi is passionate about teaching and training others in the art of kettlebell sport. Through his role at Levi's Harder To Kill Training, he offers specialized kettlebell workshops, individualized programming, and one-on-one coaching. His training programs are renowned for their effectiveness, attracting kettlebell athletes from various levels, including six World Team members who train under his guidance. Levi's expertise in kettlebell training makes him a sought-after coach for athletes looking to excel in this challenging and rewarding sport.

Rebecca Tyler NAT Global Campus

Rebecca Tyler Ost SMT PT

Becky Tyler, is a highly qualified, versatile Osteopath with over 13years experience treating patients. Qualified in Osteopathy, Paediatric Osteopathy, Sports massage, Personal training, Swimming teaching and more, her passion for helping people and love for the job keeps Becky always seeking her next course.

Working with high level Sportsman including Tom Birchall (Sidecar racer) and Oliver Townsend MBE (a British eventing rider) Becky fully appreciates the demands of high level sport and the importance of having a good therapy programme that fits inline with the demands of training and competing.

Becky is a natural and inspirational teacher who thoroughly enjoys passing on her knowledge to the next generation of therapists through teaching and assessment.

NAT Global Campus

Dani Marks MSc CPT

Dani Marks, equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in Business and Organisational Leadership, is a former Varsity Soccer Captain at Penn State, where he was a formidable participant in the Big Ten Conference for four seasons.

His leadership extended beyond the pitch, captaining the team for three years and earning numerous recognitions including the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Award (2016), Big Ten Sportsmanship Award (2017), and All Big Ten Academic Award for four consecutive years (2015-2018).

Dani dedicates his time to lecturing and presenting on campuses, focusing on critical issues concerning athletes and mental health. He also hosts the podcast 'Treatment Room Secrets,' extending his influence and advocacy to a wider audience, showcasing his commitment to athletes' mental well-being.

NAT Global Campus

Heidi Seaton DVM LMT

Beyond her certification as an NCBTMB massage therapist, Heidi is also a federally accredited and licensed veterinarian, with additional certification in veterinary acupuncture. Her expertise extends beyond treatment and into the academic realm, specialising in proofreading and editing medical documents. Since 2017, she has served as NAT Education's Editor-in-Chief, applying her meticulous approach to ensure the quality of educational content.

When not working with humans, animals, or texts, Heidi can be found avidly running in Connecticut. As a member of the Run 169 Towns Society, she has participated in road races in 84 Connecticut towns to date, illustrating her commitment to an active lifestyle alongside her diverse professional pursuits.

Anthony Berlingeri NAT Global Campus

Anthony Berlingeri

Anthony Berlingeri is a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor specializing in vinyasa yoga, meditation, and breath-work. He is a part of the mindfulness faculty for Hamilton Health Sciences/McMaster University and has designed mindfulness programs for schools, colleges, corporations, and health and wellness brands worldwide. Notably, he has collaborated with Lululemon, the world's largest yoga brand.

Anthony teaches online for NAT Global Campus and will soon head the NAT Yoga Instructors program. With his expertise, he empowers students to embrace their yoga practice, cultivate inner harmony, and unlock their full potential.

Join Anthony on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and personal growth.

Stephanie Hnatiuk NAT Global Campus

Steph Hnatiuk BSc RD

Steph Hnatiuk, BSc RD, is a seasoned Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach with over 10 years of experience. Her expertise has positively impacted countless individuals, improving their running performance, body composition, and fostering a healthier relationship with food and exercise.

Currently, Steph is focused on creating specialized NAT courses for runners and professionals working with runners. These courses aim to enhance understanding of nutrition's role in performance, health, and rehabilitation. With evidence-based practices and personalized coaching, Steph equips participants with the knowledge and tools to optimize their athletic potential while promoting sustainable and balanced nutrition and exercise practices.

Join Steph Hnatiuk on a transformative journey to unlock your running potential and gain insight into how nutrition impacts your overall well-being. Her guidance empowers individuals to make informed dietary choices, overcome challenges, and cultivate a positive and nourishing connection with their bodies.

Sonja Forster NAT Global Campus

Sonja Forster PT

Sonja Forster is a dedicated physiotherapist and certified yoga teacher with a focus on core and pelvic floor dysfunction and rehabilitation. Hailing from Munich, Germany, Sonja completed her studies and began her practice in physiotherapy. She currently operates a private practice, where she specializes in treating clients with orthopedic pain as well as core and pelvic floor dysfunctions.

In her pursuit of enhancing women's health, Sonja has devoted significant time and effort to preventive care. With a strong commitment to this sector, she continually expands her knowledge and expertise in order to provide comprehensive and effective treatments.

Sonja Forster's compassionate approach and wealth of experience make her a trusted professional in the field. Whether it's addressing orthopedic issues or focusing on women's health, Sonja's expertise and dedication empower her clients to achieve optimal well-being and regain confidence in their bodies.

Beth Wagner PT NAT Global Campus

Dr Elizabeth Wagner DPT PT

Dr. Elizabeth Wagner, DPT, PT, is a highly accomplished physical therapist with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Puget Sound. Her expertise extends to various specialized areas, including a certificate of competency in vestibular rehabilitation and certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

In 2016, Beth embarked on a transformative one-year sabbatical, exploring South America and Asia. During her journey, she dedicated her time and knowledge to volunteer assignments in Bhutan and Vietnam, serving as a clinical and academic instructor for local physical therapy staff. This experience allowed her to contribute to the growth and development of the physical therapy profession globally.

With a passion for advancing patient care and promoting professional excellence, Dr. Elizabeth Wagner brings a wealth of knowledge and international experience to NAT Global Campus.

Steven Thomas NAT Global Campus

Steven Thomas MSc

Steven Thomas, BSc (Hons), MSc, MRCPOD, is an esteemed Podiatrist and brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to educate aspiring podiatrists. With an honorary membership at Guy's NHS hospital, London, within the Podiatric (foot and ankle) Surgery unit, Steven's expertise is highly regarded.

Having graduated with Honours in Podiatry and holding a Master of Science degree, Steven's teaching encompasses the latest advancements in the field. His additional entitlements of prescription-only medicines administration (POM-A) and supply (POM-S) further showcase his comprehensive understanding of podiatric care.

As a member of the Royal College of Podiatry and the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), Steven upholds the highest professional standards in podiatry education.

Bob MacAtee


Bob McAtee, LMT, BCTMB, is a renowned massage therapist and teacher at the NAT Global Campus.

With a career spanning over four decades, Bob specializes in sports and orthopedic massage therapy. Alongside his massage practice, he shares his knowledge and expertise through teaching.

As an author of two bestselling books, Bob's teachings provide valuable insights into injury care, facilitated stretching, and more. His dedication to educating aspiring massage therapists has made him a respected figure in the industry.

Bob's teachings at NAT Global Campus empower students to deliver exceptional care, enhance athletic performance, and contribute to the field of sports massage therapy.

Dr Jason Miller NAT Global Campus

Dr Jason Miller PhD

Dr. Jason Miller PhD has been involved with strength and conditioning and barbell sports over 25 years, either as an athlete, strength coach, or weight-lifting coach, and now as a professor and researcher at the City of Oklahoma University.

Jason is passionate about the movement sciences and all the practical ways that exercise and sport science can translate into improving the lives of others, whether through sports performance, rehab or health science.

Jason is a founding member of the NAT Sports online teaching faculty and teaches all aspects of performance training, athlete rehabilitation and advanced movement sciences for NAT Global Campus.


Margaret Sinclair NAT Global Campus

Margaret Sinclair MSc (Ost)

Margaret is a trained sport massage therapist, osteopath, herbal practitioner, and published author.

Margaret received a BSc in Zoology from UCL and an MSc in Osteopathy from UCO in 2011.

Her work with patients includes herbal therapy, emotional freedom therapy, mindfulness and breathing techniques. Margaret also shares her knowledge and love of health and wellbeing through writing books and creating online content for NAT Global Campus.

Vern Tsing Ong NAT Global Campus

Vern Tsing Ong

Vern Tsing received his advanced level teaching certification from the world renowned Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI) Academy.

Vern creates classes that are designed to ease beginners into the fundamentals of yoga from the physical aspects (asanas) such as safe execution to proper awareness to body alignment and the incorporation of breath with movement to deepen self awareness, then over time slowly expand on different forms of Pranayama (Breathing techniques) and deeper rejuvenation through the practice of Yoga Nidra to elevate one’s practice.

NAT Global Campus

Carolyn Greenhalgh BSc (Ost)

Carolyn began her career as a fitness instructor and subsequently trained for 2 years at the Northern Institute of Massage, qualifying in 1992 as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

Before embarking on her Osteopathic training, she worked in private practice as a Remedial Massage Therapist acquiring Cranio-sacral Therapy I and Cranio-sacral Therapy II with The Upledger Institute in 1994 and 1995, respectively.

Carolyn graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 1999 with a BSc in Osteopathy.


John Wilks NAT Global Campus


John has been practising the Bowen Technique and Craniosacral Therapy full time since 1995.

He is a former chairman of the Bowen Association of the UK, the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK and the Cranial Forum, the lead body overseeing the national standards of practice for the profession in the UK. He is a former examiner for the University of Oxford examinations board and was an advisor on education and training for the Bowen Forum under the Prince of Wales' Foundation for Integrated Health.

Leda Mox NAT Global Campus

Leda Mox BSc

Leda Mox is a seasoned equine massage therapist with a deep-rooted passion for horses. Growing up on a small hobby farm, Leda's love for horses was ignited at a young age, a passion that eventually led her to the University of Minnesota, Crookston. Here, she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Equine Science, immersing herself in Hunt Seat and Western Pleasure competitions on the IHSA team and participating in Barrel racing and goat tying in NIRA.

With more than two decades of specialization in equine massage, Leda's expertise is unparalleled.

NAT Global Campus

Ke Wynn Lee BSc

Ke Wynn Lee authored the award-winning book titled “Pain-Free Fitness” and has contributed numerous articles related to exercise, fitness and sports medicine.

Ke Wynn is a specialist in sports injury, corrective and medical exercise. He is recognised as one of the most prominent healthcare professionals in Penang State, Malaysia from where he teaches sports massage locally and online for NAT Global Campus.