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Order by Phone (USA) 1 800 741 5716



For many women, body goals are all about loss.

Give Yourself MORE, leading health experts Georgie Fear and K. Aleisha Fetters draw on psychology, cultural studies, and the science of behavioral change to reveal how the pursuit of LESS gets women… very little. They teach you how to flip the script on losing mindsets so you can change your body and life for the positive.

They ask, what if you stopped trying to subtract from your life (and erase your so-called “faults”), and started adding to it? What if your priority wasn’t on shrinking portions, cutting carbs, or burning calories, but giving yourself MORE of everything you need to thrive?

The answer: You would learn to live more fully, love your body, and take up the space you deserve… mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’d create healthy habits that would fill you up rather than drain you. You would lose weight and keep it off—by defying diet culture.