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Build Your Own Bulletproof Body offers a challenging, stimulating and accessible program of bodyweight exercises to help you overcome those niggling sports or musculo-skeletal injuries – from tennis elbow to low back pain to Achilles tendinitis.

The suggested exercises can also be used to improve muscle strength, joint range-of-motion, and overall physical fitness. Whether you are a highly- tuned athlete looking to stay at the top of your game or a moderately active individual keen to overcome a recurring joint pain, this highly illustrated book offers a range of exercises to target specific body areas and types of injury.

Most of the exercises and programs do not require specialist equipment or a gym membership, leaving you free to develop your physical resilience anywhere that suits you.

This indispensable guide will also educate you on ‘need-to-know’ anatomy and pathology so that you better understand your own body and the stresses that may be causing you pain and dysfunction.