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 A Compromised Generation

Seemingly benign elements of American culture are making millions of children chronically ill, disabled, or dysfunctional. They are being diagnosed with illnesses such as autism, asthma, allergies, diabetes, and ADHD at a breathtaking rate. Research shows that decades of pharmaceutical over usage, toxic or nutritionally anemic diets, exposure to environmental toxins, certain American habits and lifestyles, and excessive or improperly admin istered vaccines are at the root of these illnesses.

This book provides details on how to reverse these epidemics and prevent more children from becoming ill, supplying evidence that we can help children recover from chronic illnesses, including autism, by altering their environmental influences and by stepping outside the traditional western medical paradigm.

As a healthcare consultant Beth Lambert has worked with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic companies, as well as hospitals. She has collaborated with physicians and scientists to evaluate medical and healthcare trends and industry developments. She is the executive director of Parents Ending America’s Childhood Epidemic (PEACE), a non-profit organization that educates the public about chronic illnesses affecting our children, and provides support and solutions for parents and caregivers.