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The Vital Psoas - NAT Diploma Course

Disclaimer and Warning Notice

The techniques demonstrated in this course may only ever be performed by a suitably qualified professional.

Taking this course does not grant you any form of license to practice manual therapy. Do not practice any form of manual therapy unless it falls within your professional scope of practice.

Depending on where you practice, you may be required by law to meet certain criteria for practicing manual therapy, even if you are a qualified medical or healthcare practitioner.

If you are not sure about the laws and regulations governing the practice of manual therapy in your area, you must make the necessary enquiries to ensure that you meet any and all requirements that may be in place.

If you are unsure, please contact your professional organization or licensing board.

Course Outline

I. Introduction

II. Significance Part 1

III. Anatomy Review

IV. Significance Part 2

V. Assessment

VI. Intervention: Relaxation

VII. Intervention: Manual Therapy

VIII. Intervention: Restore Muscle Length

IX. Conclusion

Course Objectives
  • Demonsrate the significance and importance of the Psoas

  • Understand and identify the anatomy of the Psoas

  • Understand the Psoas' connection to other systems and bodily functions

  • Demonstrate how to thouroughly assess a patient's psoas

  • Demonstrate pain-relieving techniques

  • Demonstrate restoring muscle-length symmetry

  • Demonstrate rebuilding regional muscle balance

  • Understanding how lifestyle plays a role in Psoas health

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CE Accreditation

This course has not yet been accredited for CEU.

Estimate: 6-8 CEs

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How to Complete This Course

1.  View the video tutorials in the video player above in the order they are listed (where applicable).

2.  Study the course workbook in your own time, in tandem with the video classes, or as directed. 

3.  Review all of the course material several times to ensure understanding.  You will be examined on all course material.

4.  Complete the course exam. 

5.  On passing the course exam you will receive an email with your certificate which you may download and print. 

Exam and Certification

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3.  Once you have created login details, you will be able to save your completed answers and log back in any time to continue.

4.  All questions are multiple choice format and some may have multiple correct answers. 

5.  A 70% pass rate is required and you will have three attempts to pass the exam.

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