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Yoga Foundations: An Alternative Approach to Wellness (10 hrs)



NAT Yoga Foundations: An Alternative Approach to Wellness - a transformative course specifically designed for manual therapists, massage therapists, and other healthcare and fitness professionals.

Throughout the course, Vern-Tsing Ong will demonstrate how Hatha Yoga can help develop strength, prevent injuries, accelerate recovery, promote longevity, and even prevent various diseases. By incorporating yoga practices into your treatment plans, you will unlock a new dimension of healing possibilities, complementing your manual therapy techniques with the power of mindful movement and breath-work.

You will learn how to effectively adapt and modify yoga poses, known as asanas, to make them accessible to individuals with different levels of fitness and physical capabilities. Vern's teachings will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of how to guide your clients towards strengthening their bodies, enhancing flexibility, and deepening their mind-body connection through Hatha Yoga.

Vern's easy-to-follow instructions and variations will empower you to confidently introduce yoga practices to your clients, providing them with an additional avenue for healing and self-care. In addition to the physical benefits, you will also explore the profound impact of yoga on mental and emotional well-being. Vern's guidance will introduce you to various relaxation techniques, pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation practices that can be seamlessly integrated into your treatment sessions.

By incorporating these practices, you will not only address physical discomfort but also support your clients' emotional balance and inner peace. The course includes over 3 hours of comprehensive video material, covering a wide range of topics such as foundational poses, advanced asanas, pranayama, arm balances, relaxation techniques, back bends, inversions, and bonus poses. Each module is thoughtfully designed to provide you with practical knowledge and skills to enhance your therapeutic approach.

To further enrich your learning experience, we are delighted to provide you with the book "Hatha Yoga for Teachers and Practitioners" by Ram Jain and Kalyani Hauswirth-Jain. This 400-page resource serves as an invaluable companion, offering detailed insights into Hatha Yoga principles and techniques. With this book by your side, together with the 3 hours of supporting video classes, you will have a comprehensive reference at your fingertips, enabling you to deepen your understanding and expand your expertise in the field.

What's Included?

  • 400 page fully illustrated course text
  • 30 Video Classes presented by Vern Tsing Ong
  • Online exam and Certification 
  • Lifetime access


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