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Assessing Sciatic Pain - Stuart Hinds


Assessing Sciatic Nerve Pain - The Slump Test

As a general rule, we apply the Slump test as a follow up to the Straight Leg Raise test. We do not use the Slump test as the "go to" test when assessing sciatic pain. We will invariably start with the straight leg raise.

Where a straight leg raise evokes a positive response, do not continue to the Slump test. Please see the video above for details.

Slump test is easy to apply and is a simple way to put the sciatic nerve under gradually increasing tension to look for possible entrapment sites.

Start with the client in a seated position with their chin down towards their chest. Slowly extend the lower leg at the knee. Simple!

The Slump test can be usefully applied as a "before and after assessment" to see how effective the treatment has been. 









This trigger point therapy blog is intended to be used for information purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or to substitute for a medical diagnosis and/or treatment rendered or prescribed by a physician or competent healthcare professional. This information is designed as educational material, but should not be taken as a recommendation for treatment of any particular person or patient. Always consult your physician if you think you need treatment or if you feel unwell. 




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