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Assessing Holding Patterns of the Hip

It's been bitterly cold here in Australia and we're filming this just back in from the track with Callum our 100m sprinter - which is the reason we're wearing our winter beanies!

In this video blog we present the holding patterns and how they often look in our clients. First we look at the relationship between the gluteus medius and the adductor magnus, which is imperative for hip stability in the mid stance.

When establishing a balance, the adductor magnus trigger points can be a game changer.

Secondly, we present the hip extension assessment and the relationship between the gluteus maximus and the lower iliopsoas attachment trigger point which acts as the main inhibitor to hip extension.

This in turn reduces the full recruitment of gluteus maximus, the main driver. When reaching end of range and restricted, it can produce an anterior pelvic tilt, thus increasing the load tension to the lumbar spine.


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