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The big step!

Now that you’ve got the overall framework, it’s time to dive into details. Download the table using the link below. Now list your clients in order of revenue.

Cross out any clients who – when they call to book an appointment – you feel your heart sink.

Then, make 5 additional columns: pays on time, repeat business, refers other clients, has good communication, and lets you fix mistakes. (That is, when you make a mistake, do they give you a chance to fix it without getting hot under the collar?)

Create new columns for slightly less crucial elements: opportunity (working with them provides opportunities you may not otherwise have had) and history (do you have a long established history with them.)

You can also add blank columns – for any additional qualifiers that are important to you. Finally, add three more blank columns. At the top of these are where you are going to put your three personal commandments. (More about this later.)

Grade each client from A-F on these columns. A is fantastic – your ideal client. F is awful. Be honest. You don’t have to show this paper to anyone. I don’t recommend you burn it after writing it, as we’ll be using it in the future, but you can keep it under lock and key.

Here’s something I’ve noticed: people in the health and therapy profession often look for the best in people, out of a desire to serve people and help everyone.

Right now, we’re talking about your life, your dreams, and your goals. Looking on the bright side is not going to help you overhaul your business. So face reality and be 100% honest about yourself and your clients.

So go ahead and fill in the chart below.







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