Soft Tissue Therapy for Nerve Entrapments

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The Strappy Tiger - Trigger Point Massage Tool


Ultimate Accessory for ANY Foam Roller.

The Strappy Tiger takes ANY foam roller to a whole new level. This inventive accessory elevates your foam rolling experience into a more focused, muscle massage and myofascial release. Provides targeted, muscle care and relief of minor muscle aches/soreness and “Gription®” on fascia and muscles under the skin.

Elastic strap secures easily to ANY standard foam roller (5” diameter or larger).

Exclusive, curved massage surface features a firm shell with textured surface. Orange,grippy, “curved shoe” provides a stable, secure, non-slipping surface on the foam roller.

Use your weight as leverage and let the tool do the work.

Shell dimensions: 4.9" x 3.8", 25" Nylon strap. (Foam roller not included).


Suitable for manual therapists and exercise professionals.

Suitable for home use.