Shoulder Pain - Heat/Ice Wrap

$69.95 $89.95

This product is easy to wear and use, and allows for heat/ice therapy to be applied without the need for any help. It is without doubt the best fitting product on the market, and is fully adjustable to fit any size of shoulder.

Importantly, the unique rotator cuff strap design allows the shoulder wrap to fit snugly around the shoulder, directing the cold/heat deep to where you need it the most.  

Targeted Pain Relief

Every wrap is outfitted with two pockets that hold the uniquely formulated heat and ice packs (included). This product is recommended for anyone suffering from shoulder pain and is a perfect accompaniment to the NAT self-help treatment programs available on this website. 

Full one year warranty.  Washable and latex free. Free Shipping.

Heat and Ice Packs Included.

Size Guide 

Small-Medium (Chest under 40") Small-Slender Frame Individuals
Large-X Large (Chest over 40") Average-Muscular Frame Individuals
XXL (Chest 52" and over) Thicker and XXL Frame Individuals