Treat Your Own Frozen Shoulder + Frozen Shoulder Exercise Guide

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Treating Frozen Shoulder

This home-healing program is aimed at the person who has seen a medical doctor or physical therapist and has been diagnosed as having a ‘frozen shoulder’.

This latest edition of the home healing guide includes easy to follow step by step instructions for you (and your partner). Note, you will need to work with a partner and will not be able to perform all the steps in this guide by working alone.

Notes About This Home Healing Program

The Niel Asher Technique (NAT) for treating frozen shoulder was first published in 1997; was the successful subject of clinical trials at Cambridge University Hospital in 2003; and the subject of a peer review published by the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine in 2014.

The NAT technique has proven effective at any stage of a frozen shoulder, but due to the massive amount of swelling in the first three months, it seems to work best after four to six months of symptoms.

Self Help Treatment

NAT differs from other physical therapy techniques not so much by what is done, but by the order in which it is performed. Just like a recipe, it is the order in which it is performed that stimulates the damaged tissues to fire off different signals to the brain in specific sequences.

These signals re-establish the relationships between the sensory feedback from the injured shoulder muscles and the motor map within the brain.


90-page fully illustrated home healing guide + extensive video material (can be viewed online). 

60-page fully illustrated Frozen Shoulder Exercise Guide.


Niel Asher Technique - Frozen Shoulder

NAT - Treat Your Own Frozen Shoulder + Frozen Shoulder Exercise Guide: