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Ankle & Foot - Ice/Heat Wrap

$39.95 $49.95

Keep one pack in the freezer. Keep the other pack ready to heat in the microwave. Slip on the wrap and insert either hot or cold pack as required. Patented design ensures hot or cold temperature is evenly applied exactly where it's needed.


Product Specifications

Professional medical grade compress complete with two reusable 4.5" x 6.5" heat and ice packs that can be assembled and secured in any position inside the wrap. 

Use on either left or right foot.  The support wrap is constructed with a top quality Active Medical Plush fabric blend on the inside, with a smooth jersey outside.  

Rugged hook and loop fasteners and flat-lock stitching finish the wrap. Packs are microwave and freezer safe with a full one year warranty.

Full one year warranty.  Washable and latex free.