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All of us are hard-wired to self-heal, and to self-treat. Think about what happens when you bang your knee against a table for example? Your first automatic reaction is to rub the spot where it hurts (massage). Then you start to move the joint, and stretch it out to make the pain subside (physiotherapy).

We can't always self-treat, and there is often no replacement to receiving treatment from an experienced therapist. But in almost all cases, you can exercise some control over the healing process, and help your body recover, by doing just what you're programmed to do.

Our guides are designed to empower you to self-treat by providing you with simple clear instructions for interventions that you can easily carry out at home.  They are also designed to integrate with any manual therapy treatment that you may be receiving; to help reduce the number of visits that you make to your therapist; reduce your pain; and speed up the healing process.

Each time we prepare a new guide, we work to ensure that the information you receive is affordable, accessible, effective, and easy to understand. We combine the decades of experience that we have gained in treating thousands of patients, to ensure that the knowledge and power that we deliver into your hands, is always based on best practice.

If it has our name on the cover, you can be sure it works. That's been our promise ever since we published our first home-healing guide back in 1997.

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